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Build companies that build the future

An ESG Strategist's quest for value creation

About Us

University of Oxford -

Said Business School scholar

in Global Business

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Generates business value and social impact at scale

Worked with 100+ C-suite leaders

in finance, technology, energy, industrial

and creative industries

Available for Switzerland-based employment or Europe-based independent consulting

As an ESG Strategist

Businesses played a defining role in humankind's history, and I'm eager to see how they fulfill their potential in the upcoming chapter. I help companies meet our future's opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges: create value through appreciating sustainability, social responsibility, governance, and geopolitical factors during internationalization or in multinational businesses. 

ESG Value Creation Wheel

Megatrends shape the companies' business model enablers and drivers. I facilitate the integration of ESG factors into corporate and competitive strategies, engage the C-suite leadership, and aid in establishing the tactical framework.

I also help shape specific business processes and facilitate corporate culture change. 

I currently research ESG-driven value-creation strategies of Private Equity companies and family-owned businesses.


Assess the relative materiality of megatrends for business


Factor in other defining forces


Map the totality of impacting ESG factors influenced by megatrends



Focus on ESG factors that affect Business Model Enablers & Drivers positively


Build long-term value creation through a robust but resilient corporate & competitive strategy


∴ Climate Change

∴ Technological Disruption

∴ Demographic Shifts

∴ Fracturing World

∴ Social Instability

*Based on PwC's 2022 Oct Megatrends report






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A rare mix of expertise

ESG Strategy for
Public and Private Companies

ESG strategy & consulting

business model & ESG

ownership structure & ESG

specialist insights in S & G

human rights in supply chain

megatrends & scenario planning

C-suite Engagement and
Corporate Behavioral Change

CEO & Board engagement

stakeholder management

business coalition building

change management

ESG engagement strategy

ESG commitment building

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Board Member, CEO

relationship management

inclusive leadership

strategic partnerships

social entrepreneurship

project management

Research and Analysis

research conceptualizing

data communication

report writing

ESG measurement

regulatory environment analysis

social impact

Risk Management and Reputation Management

communications strategy

narrative building

public speaking

crisis communications

ESG risk mapping

employer brand


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