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Oxford-shaped 'Googler' turned social entrepreneur generated value and impact with hundreds of companies through S&G in ESG, moving forward to create value through ESG in the private markets.

A broad and high-level understanding of the full ESG spectrum and a specialization in S&G to generate extraordinary results across markets.

I'm available for independent consulting mandates or a long-term commitment with investors, owners, or companies that aim to create value through ESG.

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Whereas working with environmental risks requires a vertical approach within the organization, the social and governance aspects are inherently embedded in the regional societal, economic, and political context. Hence, a successful company must also have a horizontal, market-based, and multidisciplinary view.

This is essential to succeed in relocating executive teams, winning talents, ensuring a consistent, thus value-generating corporate culture, integrating a newly acquired company, and acquiring customers through value alignment, to name a few.
When assessing the potential risks and value creation opportunities, I utilize my deep understanding of global trends thanks to the ten years I spent in the field, my postgraduate studies at Oxford in Global Business, my savviness to spot meaningful narratives, and my interdisciplinary understanding of having master's degrees in economics, communications, and psychology. 


The world is slowly but surely moving from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. To turn a tick-box exercise ESG reporting into an actual value-creation mechanism, the appreciation and inclusion of non-market strategies are essential. Another crucial aspect is finding the right match between the logic of the place (a market's growth model) and the logic of the firm, the business model. From thorough analysis and careful strategic planning, the right ESG approach can lead to outperforming competitors or other branches of the same company on rather unexpected markets, as I have facilitated this happening with multinational firms I worked with.


According to Edelman Global Trust Barometer, people worldwide expect business leaders to take the lead on much-needed changes, whether avoiding the climate catastrophe or closing the gender pay gap. 

Although leaders of public companies are in the spotlight, owners of private companies can be much more efficient in executing changes. 

In the past ten years, I have worked together with dozens of regional and local CEOs of multinational companies in big tech, big finance, energy, FMCG, etc., startups, and privately owned SMEs. Our joint efforts earned the trust of their employees, stakeholders, and the public contributing to a better position in the labor market, outstanding reputation, and a healthier corporate culture.


Ownership goes beyond a legal contract. Being in the position of a PE or a family business owner naturally brings highly different points of view, goals, and motivations to the table. Yet, one thing is clear: those who hold majority ownership over a portfolio company are in an exceptional place to make fast and meaningful changes with the expectation of improving the portfolio company's performance and social and environmental impact. The motivation to consider ESG may be trend-driven, law-driven, competition-driven, value-driven, or legacy-driven. In the past ten years, I have worked with CEOs and executives of privately owned and publicly listed companies of all the above-listed motivations. The speed of change and the scale of the impact might have differed based on their initial motivations, but the clear business results showed up nonetheless. It doesn't matter what brings a leader to a new path of growth; if the will is there, the results come.



I launched to bring 500 women closer to fulfilling their potential. It is a place for Switzerland-based women in finance, STEM, leadership, and academia to grow and nurture their confidence and self-promotion skills. 

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In 2009, I wrote a tweet that made me land the position to do PR for Google, eventually becoming their award-winning Press Office Lead in my home country. 

After working in the front row of technological innovation, I turned my attention to the social impact of companies. I co-founded a social enterprise with Google and a startup unicorn in 2013. I brought together 1,134 companies to improve their social impact, corporate culture, and inclusive practices. I developed measurement services with my team and advised multinational companies on various lifecycle stages, including new market entry, post-M&A, new office openings, exponential growth, and the arrival of new investors.

After six years of being the CEO and a Board Member, working closely with the C-level executives of dozens of big tech, big finance, energy companies, and startups, and reaching a measurable business and social impact through ESG, last year, I decided to move forward. I got accepted to the University of Oxford's postgraduate, masters-level program and won their scholarship.  I'm a proud member of the Executive Diploma in Global Business program, focusing on companies balancing sustainability with profitability on a global level. I earned the CFA Institute's Certificate in ESG investing and am a CFA I candidate.

I bring my expertise to Switzerland and use it to create value through ESG, focusing on private markets.

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