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I'm Melinda Miklos, a Switzerland-based ESG Strategist with a postgraduate executive masters-level education at the University of Oxford in Global Business, where I am also a scholarship awardee and the Finance Working Group Lead of the Oxford Climate Alumni Network. My former achievements also led me to be featured in a Harvard Business School case study.

My current research goal is to develop a framework for Private Equity and family-owned businesses for ESG-driven value-creation strategies. 

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My Story

I have ten years of experience engaging and advising 100+ C-suite business leaders from multinational companies, small and mid-size businesses, and startups in finance, technology, energy, industrial, and creative industries. They include Morgan Stanley, MSCI, Citi, Eaton, MOL, Google, Suez, and Vodafone.

I helped companies improve S & G in ESG, including corporate culture, inclusion, diversity, and social impact in different lifecycle stages: after new market entry, acquisition, exponential growth, new investor's arrival, and during internal transformations.


I am a co-founder - together with Google -, former CEO, and Board Member of WeAreOpen, an ESG-focused social enterprise and probably the largest business coalition in Europe improving S&G in ESG at scale, with 1,130+ member companies in Hungary, in a highly complex political environment. I served on the Board with Citi's Central Eastern European CEO, Google's Communications Strategy and Operation Head, EMEA, and Unilever Food Solution's North Eastern European Managing Director.

I regularly spoke in front of millions in the leading national TV channel's evening news, delivered speeches at top international business conferences, and built trusted relationships with stakeholders in and beyond Europe.

Multiple awards and Global Boards of multinational companies recognized our work.


I earned an ESG Investing Certificate from the CFA Institute and hold Master's degrees in Economics, Communications, and Organizational Psychology. I have utilized my interdisciplinary approach both in my early career years as Press Office Lead for Google and in my years as I built a social enterprise that was much ahead of its time and generated exceptional impact.

I'm a member of Mensa International, a society for gifted people. I'm passionate about helping other talented women fulfill their potential.

I speak English, Hungarian, and German and study Italian.

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