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I co-founded WeAreOpen, a social enterprise with Google and a startup unicorn, and led and grew it to become the largest coalition of businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. It works on the social and governance aspect of ESG and builds inclusive environments where it truly makes a difference for employees and businesses alike. Our work is featured in a Harvard Business School case study for their MBA students.

I started my postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford in their Global Business program that offers an in-depth perspective on world issues, advanced knowledge of global markets, and a sharpened set of practical tools, including market and non-market strategies, to balance profitability with sustainability.

I have 13 years of experience working closely with the local and regional CEOs and C-level executives of the largest financial, technology, and energy companies. 

I have a strongly interdisciplinary approach earning both Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Economics, in Communications, and in Psychology simultaneously. My broad and scientifically-supported horizon helped me assess and successfully handle complex stakeholder management challenges, oversee and analyze comprehensive research projects, and generate strategy-shaping economic and political narrative analysis.

My achievements granted me multiple awards and brought me to Aspen Institute's Young Leaders program, focusing on value-based leadership. I am a McNulty Prize Nominee for "moral courage, a vision for change, and a track record of bold and lasting impact."

As a member of Mensa International, I am deeply interested in empowering other gifted and talented women to fulfill their potential.

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